Our resident stenographer has over 16 years’ experience working in government and in the private sector, including many overseas jobs in Singapore and Hong Kong. ¬†She can also cover any American Deposition witnesses who may be giving evidence in New Zealand.

When working on contemporaneous or overnight turnaround jobs we sometimes also use a “scopist” or editor who assists our stenographer to edit/tidy up the raw transcript as a hearing proceeds.



Our stenography services can be used to cover hearings, arbitrations, workshops, conferences and meetings.

We can cover any situation where a verbatim record of proceedings is required.


Stenography service

TMS offers a variety of stenography services that include the following:

  • Verbatim recording of proceedings, no transcript provided (Basically just recording the proceedings)
  • Verbatim recording of proceedings and a delayed turnaround time for transcription
  • Verbatim recording of proceedings and overnight turnaround time for transcription.
  • Verbatim recording of proceedings and contemporaneous (running) transcript.


Extra Services that may be of interest

For Hearings: By using Caseviewnet software loaded into our clients’ laptops we can connect our stenographer’s software, so that clients can view the raw transcript as a proceeding is recorded live.

Conferences/Workshops: Connect your overhead projector to our stenographer’s software so that those present can view a raw transcript as speakers give their presentations.